Can Mambo run in PHP 5.3.6?



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Can Mambo run in PHP 5.3.6?

Can Mambo run in PHP 5.3.6?

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PoorBest More and more host now are upgrading PHP to 5.3 version and Mambo and its forks like MiaCMS and to some extend Joomla too, might not able to run in PHP 5.3 version.

You got errors related to mosDBTable, quoted_printable_encode, Cache!

There are 3 hacks that need to happen in order for Mambo to run in PHP 5.3.6.

The hacks are as follow:

Hack #1: In vcard.class.php wrap around quoted_printable_encode function with the code below:

if (!function_exists('quoted_printable_encode')) {
function quoted_printable_encode($input, $line_max = 76) {

Hack #2: In database.php add the following lines right after "var $_db = null" around line 789

function mosDBTable ($table='', $keyname='id', $db='') {
if ($table) $this->_tbl = $table;
else $this->_tbl = $this->tableName();
$this->_tbl_key = $keyname;
if (is_object($db)) $this->_db = $db;

Hack #3: In Cache/Lite/Function.php on line 100

$result = call_user_func_array($target, $arguments);
$result = call_user_func_array($target, &$arguments);

That's it!


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