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The Case of the Missing Umbrella

The Case of the Missing Umbrella

Chapter 1

It was a dark and rainy morning. I was not looking forward to waking up for school. “Anna! Time to get up!” I heard my mom say. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and went down stairs to eat breakfast. As I was eating breakfast I thought to my self “Today is going to be another boring day without any mysteries to solve.” Well you see I am a detective at school with my best friend Azkiya, we solve mysteries for 50 cents but there haven’t been any cases to solve in two weeks! Every single day I always hope that there would be a brain busting case to solve but I don’t think there ever will be. That’s what I’m worried about.

At school the lessons and work were so boring that I was chewing my pencil to keep me awake from boredom. Recess passed and it was time for math. Math is one of the subjects I love so it kept me energized until lunch. For lunch I had lasagna and apple juice, my favourite. I was eating lunch with Azkiya and we were talking about what we could do for lunch recess. As we were talking and eating, I suddenly heard a loud and squeaky “Noooo!!!” right away, I knew it was Vicky.

Azkiya and I and all of my classmates came to see what happened. “My umbrella…” Vicky wailed,” It’s gone!”
“Hold on a second, what do you mean it’s gone?” Azkiya and I asked together because we knew this was the beginning of an upcoming mystery.

Vicky took a big breath and explained “I finished my lunch and I looked at the clock, it was almost time to go outside for recess so I went to the coat rack to put on my jacket and my rain boots but when I went to get my umbrella it wasn’t there. I thought it was bumped off the hook and fell on the floor. I checked everywhere but it was nowhere so I went to the lost and found hoping it would be in there but again it wasn’t there either. That’s when I noticed it was stolen.”
“I see. I see” I said taking out my notebook, “so did you use it for first recess?”
“No” she mentioned, “but I did see it before I went out”
“So it happened in between the time from first recess to now.” Azkiya stated.
“I guess so.” Vicky answered bring-bring-bring the recess bell rang which meant recess was over.
“I guess we’ll have to work on this after school.” I said unhappily “Vicky, I’ll call you after school and you can come over to my house so we can work on it more.”
“Ok.” She said.

Chapter 2

I walked home with Azkiya and when we got to my house, we went straight to my bedroom. “Let’s list the suspects first.” I told her. I got out my notebook and called Vicky. Five minutes later she came and business started. “So, Vicky tell me, who do you think stole the umbrella?” Azkiya asked.
“Well I think John and Fred because they stayed in for first recess and they like stealing things their interested in so maybe they did it.”
I put their names on the list. “Who else?” Azkiya asked again.
“Well… I don’t think there is anyone else that is suspicious.”
“You can’t just think whoever is suspicious, they would steal it, and it could be anyone.” I said.
“Hmmm…” Vicky thought “well I did tell Jessica how special the umbrella was and she said she really liked the designs and really wanted it.”
“What do you mean how special it was?” asked Azkiya confused.
“Oh I forgot to you, that umbrella was used by my great grandfather who was a spy before he died on a mission he had.”
“Ohhh! Now that makes a lot more sense.” Azkiya and I said together and I added Jessica to the list. “We have some questioning to do tomorrow” I told Azkiya then we had some snacks, played some games and Vicky left.

At school Azkiya and I went to John and Fred first. We started questioning like this, “Hey John! Hey Fred what were you doing yesterday staying in for first recess?” I asked.
“Oh us, we were in trouble for stealing Ralph’s magic cookies which was actually normal chocolate cookies so we had to stay in for first recess.”
“Where were you staying in, in the classroom, outside the classroom or in the office?”
“We were sitting outside the classroom beside the coat racks. Our teacher Mr. Shingle didn’t want us looking at his business on the computer.” They replied.
So Azkiya said “Did you see Vicky’s Umbrella when you were sitting there?”
“Yes but when we went to the washroom and came back it wasn’t there. I just thought it was bumped off or something so I didn’t care.”
“So you didn’t steal it?” I finally asked.
“Of course not, I don’t even like her umbrella, it’s old and dirty and anyways our umbrellas are much better and cooler.” John said in a mean way.
“Ok your crossed off the list” Azkiya declared and I crossed them off.
“Wait,” Fred said “I saw on Mr. Shingle’s computer some words and 2 of them popped out. They were jewel map with an old man beside it.”
“Hmm...” I thought “that is mysterious. We’ll work on it later after this mystery is solved. Now let’s go question Jessica.”

I saw Jessica in the fields with Vicky at Recess. They are best friends so they tell every secret they know to each other and always play together so Azkiya and I came over to them and asked Vicky if we could have a private talk. We walked beside a tree where there was no one there but us. “So Anna, how’s it going?” Vicky asked.
“Well we took 2 suspects off the list who were John and Fred, they are innocent.” I told her.
“Great,” Vicky said “but I noticed some strange acting from Jessica. Unlike yesterday she’s not begging me for the umbrella for money. Today she’s not begging any more, she doesn’t even talk about it, it’s almost like she forgot I even had an umbrella. Don’t you think that’s weird?”
“Yes I do think that’s weird so I will ask her now.” I replied “Jessica can you come over here for a second?”
“Huh... Oh sure”
“Umm I just wanted to ask you if you stole Vicky’s umbrella.”
“Me? I would never do that, she’s my best friend!” Jessica exclaimed.
“Well then why aren’t begging for the umbrella today? Azkiya asked.
“Oh about that “she quieted down “last night my mom took me to the mall to buy a new umbrella, I saw a really pretty one and I bought it so I don’t want Vicky’s umbrella now.”
“Ok you’re crossed off the list but now we have no suspects to question, I guess we’re too late.” I sighed sadly
“Wait” Jessica cried out before I was about to leave “I think I may have a suspect for you.”
“Who” Azkiya asked excitedly
“Our teacher Mr. Shingle.”
“Mr. Shingle? But how is it possible for our teacher to steal one of his student’s umbrellas?” I was really confused.
“Well After first recess I went to Mr. Shingle to ask him if I could go to the washroom but before I asked him, he saw me coming and he closed a tab and the only word I saw was umbrella and jewel. I just don’t understand how an umbrella and a jewel connect to one story.”
“Hmm…” I just stood there and thought. “He’s definitely a suspect though.” I said.
“Anna, I have a felling that the umbrella was stolen because there is a much greater secret behind it.” Azkiya said thoughtfully “maybe we can go to the library together tomorrow, its Saturday tomorrow so we have a full day to figure it out”
“Ok.” I said “this is getting more and more mysterious by every minute.”

Chapter 3

The next day, Azkiya and I went to the public library beside her house. At the library we went to Lucy the librarian and asked her where we could learn more about umbrellas, she showed us and we started looking. When we were about to leave the library because we got no clues, we walked past Lucy and she asked us when she saw us “you know what’s weird?”
“What” I asked.
“Your teacher Mr. Shingle came here yesterday and asked me if he could learn more about umbrellas too. Are you working on a project about umbrellas?”
“What, no” I said kind of surprised “are you joking?”
“No” she said “why would I?
“Well… Thanks for the info! We’ll see you later!’ I said. When Azkiya and I were out of the library I asked her “did you just here what Lucy just said?”
“Yeah and she was probably telling the truth. Do you think Mr. Shingle actually stole the umbrella?”
“I don’t know” I said sadly” and I can’t be sure.” After that sentence not one of us talked until we got home.
“You want to go to Mr. Shingle’s house after lunch?” Azkiya asked after the moment of silence.
“Hmm? I said startled “Oh sure. You mean to spy on him out the window?”
“Yeah.” She said.
“Ok then let’s go now, lunch can always wait you know.”

Azkiya and I rode our bikes to Mr. Shingle’s house. I led the way because I knew where he lived since my mom has been there a few times. When we were there we went to the living room window and looked. “Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed “look at the coat rack over there,” I pointed “isn’t that Vicky’s umbrella?”
“I think so.” Azkiya answered “but I’m not sure, but I brought my camera along. Let’s take some photos and then we can show it to Vicky.” So we did. After we left without being seen, we went to Vicky’s House and rang the door bell. Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong. Her dad answered it. “Hi Anna, Hi Azkiya” her dad said “what’s up?”
“Hi Mr. Walter. Can we see Vicky?” I asked.
“Sure. I’ll call her down. You guys can stay in the living room. VICKY!! COME DOWN, YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE. “
Azkiya took out her camera and Vicky came down. “Hi guys! Did you find my umbrella?”
“No, but can we show you something?” I asked.
“Sure!” Azkiya got out the pictures and showed her. “Is this your umbrella?
“Um…” Azkiya enlarged it “yeah that is my umbrella! I know by the designs and my mom said there’s only one umbrella like this because my great grandfather made it so it has to be mine. Where did you find it?”
“In Mr. Shingle’s house.” I responded.
“Yup we’re dead serious. We went to his house and took the picture out side the window.”
“But why would he steal it?”
“We don’t know either but we’ll find out” Azkiya said.
“Then let’s go to his house and take it back!” Vicky said.
“Wait, we need a plan because we can’t just go barging in.” I indicated.
“Not if we take our parents along” Vicky stated.
“Then let’s do it!” so we took our parents along, explained to them and then we left. After we got there we knocked on Mr. Shingle’s door and he answered it and then right away Vicky ordered him, “give me back my umbrella!”
“Uh…” Mr. Shingle looked surprised “I didn’t steal the umbrella”
“Then how do you know it was stolen?” I asked.
“Um because I … oh you can have back the umbrella but I’m not telling you how to get the secret.” He said angrily and handed it back.
“What secret?” Vicky asked.
“You don’t know it?”
“No and you better tell us before I call the police.” Vicky’s dad came in.
“Oh ok. There’s a secret Jewel map in the handle of the umbrella and to get it you need to twist the top 18 times then put boiling water in the open handle, and finally the handle will be lose and the map will come out.”
“And you figured this out?” I asked.
“Yes.” He said.
“Then let’s do it!” Vicky said with excitement.
“Wait, how did you know that there was a map in the handle before you stole it?” I asked Mr. Shingle
“When I saw the umbrella on the first day, it looked antique so I stole it and did research about it. I found out that Vicky’s great grand father put it in there so his enemy couldn’t find it but then he got killed before he could tell anyone.”
“Wow!” we all exclaimed, “that’s amazing.”
So in the end we took out the map and found the Jewel. The jewel wasn’t just one piece; it was 3 pieces and different types so each one of us picked our favourite and kept it as a reward. Mine was a blue sapphire; Azkiya’s was a diamond and Vicky’s was a red ruby. The next day we came to school and we had a supply teacher because Mr. Shingle was suspended from school for 4 months.

By: Anna